I was 14 when i started therepy with Tsahai. I am now 16 and she has helped me change and grow for the better. she was absolutely amazing, i really enjoyed my time with her, she heard me listened and h

Madyson L.

I felt heard. It is also my first experience with a psychiatrist. I was referred by my psychologist and needed help directing the medication side. I left the appt without any information about a new appointment or any direct information about my potential diagnosis. I was told to speak to my current neurologist and maybe return to this office? It was all very indrect and confusing. There was no direct information or direction given. I’m not sure if this was purposeful to make sure I returned as a patient, or assumed it would be comforting for me? Essentially I have no new information or help and now have to refer to current physician for the help. I came for.

Maranda S.

Elizabeth is great! She has helped me get thru some dark times. I look forward to our visits. Thank you

Michelle S.